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Classification methodology and category profiles: Daniel Vickers
Case studies of applications: Daniel Lewis
Research into new applications: Martin Callingham
Area classifications by ONS: Andrew Bates

Group Chair: Alexander Singleton
Group Secretary: Daniel Lewis
Statistics Users Forum: Martin Robson
Group events and general directions: Chris Denham

Steering Group Members –

Andrew Bates – ONS

Henry Burroughs – MVA Consultancy

Martin Callingham – Birkbeck College

Chris Denham – ONS (retired)

Tony Duckenfield – Steer Davies Gleave

Keith Dugmore – Demographic Decisions

Oliver Duke-Williams – Leeds University

Alistair Edwardes – DCLG

John Fisher – Local Futures

Alan Lewis – GLA

Daniel Lewis – UCL

Daryl Lloyd – Department for Transport

Sheila Quan

Stephen Richards – LGA

Martin Robson – Local Futures

Gesche Schmid – LGA

Alexander Singleton – UCL

Daniel Vickers – University of Sheffield

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  • The Output Area Classification

    The Output Area Classification (OAC) distills key results from the Census for the whole of the UK to indicate the character of local areas.

    It profiles populations, structures other data, and helps target resources. OAC is in the public domain, and the User Group supports and promotes its use as geodemography open to all.

    More about: OAC, Getting Started, the User Group.
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  • Oac Interactive Map

    Extract from OAC Map
    OAC interactive map was developed by Richard Milton at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at UCL.

    SOAC/DZ interactive map was developed by Maurizio Gibin and Alex Singleton also in CASA and the Department of Geography at UCL.